Face life's adventure without fear, till safely home where the rainbow ends.

Italia Conti, 1911

Face life's adventure without fear, till safely home where the rainbow ends.

Italia Conti, 1911


​Vocational studies include:

Pupils who achieve the necessary skill levels are encouraged to take external examinations in theatre disciplines with recognised outside boards (ISTD and LAMDA).


​Academic studies include:

  • Art

  • Dance (GCSE)

  • Drama (GCSE)

  • English

  • History

  • Mathematics

  • Personal & Social Education

  • Religious Education

  • Science

  • Spanish

Italia Conti Theatre Arts School aims to provide education and training opportunities at both academic and vocational level, to a diverse student population interested in performing careers. Our curriculum includes a range of subjects to ensure all round education in both areas.





Year 7 is the first entry point to the performing world of Italia Conti Theatre Arts School! We know how important it is to ensure our young pupils settle quickly into our exciting programme, and prior to starting school we offer a range of induction activities and open morning visits to prepare our new pupils.​ Working closely with our new families and children, we endeavour to ensure that pupils are well prepared for the Italia Conti training, alongside the practicalities of joining a popular central London school.

Pupils begin their academic and vocational studies learning the basic techniques and skills required. This is considered a platform to start which they will continue to build upon throughout their schooling. Year 7 - 9 pupils study a range of subjects which are taken through to GCSE level, following a balanced timetable of academic studies and performance classes. Pupils are introduced to assessments in order for the teaching faculty to monitor pupil progress throughout the year. The school also follows a specific personal, social, citizenship, health and education programme for each year group and Year 7 meet their tutor each week for their own personal induction to school life. Our well regarded assemblies meet daily and we end each week with a whole school achievement assembly. 


Pupils continue with their studies in Year 8, building upon the skills and techniques learnt in Year 7. More is expected at this level with pupils developing further academically with more in depth research into subjects and continuing to learn their craft in performance classes. Stronger emphasis is placed upon practical technique, stage presence and performance and a wider range of topics in each subject are studied as pupils develop their knowledge further.


Our second formal entry to the Theatre Arts School takes place toward the end of Year 9. This is a very exciting time for our 13+ entries and current pupils as they are actively choosing a path that is highly creative and incredibly rewarding. In Year 9 pupils make choices for Years 10 and 11 as they begin to think about their GCSE studies. Academic and vocational classes are continued in Year 9 with the further development of previously learnt skills, alongside new repertoire. Emphasis is placed on assessments in preparation for GCSE studies.


In Year 10 pupils continue to study a range of subjects now at GCSE level, and Dance and Drama are added to the GCSE provision. The GCSE course follows a two year programme for most subjects, though some subjects will also begin GCSE guidance in Year 9, particularly in Science and Drama. The subjects offered at Italia Conti endeavour to enhance our pupils learning giving them a fully rounded curriculum choice of the Arts, Humanities and Languages, alongside the core subjects English Language and Literature, Mathematics and Science. Fitness classes are now available to pupils along with the continuation of our extensive vocational provision of Acting, Dance, Singing and Musical Theatre.

Towards the end of Year 10 pupils are given the opportunity to apply to become a prefect and in Year 11. This is a very rewarding responsibility and our prefects are well respected members of our school community. Being a prefect gives our pupils the opportunity to formally mentor the younger members of school and they are very active in charity campaigns and whole school consideration.


Our new entrants joining us in Year 10 are invited to attend a number of induction days during the summer term to ensure that they are prepared for the new curriculum. Our teachers offer a summer holiday pack in anticipation of the September start. New pupils are also invited on induction trips to help them settle quickly with their peers.


Year 11 pupils continue onto the second and final year of the GCSE programme and are supported through their studies, course work and examinations with additional learning support and revision sessions. In performance studies pupils prepare for their final vocational assessments, end of year performances and audition preparation for those wanting to continue onto vocational training.

Pupils are invited for an interview with Senior Management staff members, to discuss mock examinations, predicted grades, examination entries and the transition into the 16+ provision at Italia Conti or further afield. Our teachers are also very active in supporting and stretching our young people’s expectations in order to ensure that our pupils are successful and well motivated.


There are a variety of pathways that our pupils can choose from 16+ years of age and we always endeavour to support our pupils interests by giving individual advice and guidance alongside a careers programme. Careers interviews take place early in the Autumn Term.​ 

Year 11 pupils and particularly prefects are encouraged to work with younger pupils through assembly, charity and enrichment events in ensuring that they are fully involved in school life. We also offer a variety of experiences to our pupils in preparing them for the working world and our pupils are encouraged to work with our staff in ensuring that they are prepared for life beyond Italia Conti.


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