Face life's adventure without fear, till safely home where the rainbow ends.

Italia Conti, 1911

Face life's adventure without fear, till safely home where the rainbow ends.

Italia Conti, 1911


All prospective pupils must complete the school's application form in order to be formally considered for a place at Italia Conti. Auditions take place at various points during the year and the Scholarship audition usually takes place in the Spring term. Upon receiving your completed application form and audition fee, we will contact you to invite you to one of our audition dates.



Candidates may be asked to participate in a short warm up/class session. Candidates are then invited to prepare the following genres which are assessed by the Academy’s panel of experts (it should be noted that candidates may not be required to show all prepared pieces):

Acting - Two contrasting short pieces, lasting approximately one minute each. Candidates may also be asked to sight-                                          read.

Dance - Ideally, three contrasting dance disciplines should be shown, for example, Ballet, Jazz and Tap.                

              Candidates who are not experienced in three dance disciplines must show two contrasting disciplines or styles.

Singing - One song of the candidates own choice which can be any style.

A physical examination may also be carried out.


Candidates will take tests in English, Mathematics, and Verbal and Numerical Reasoning during the audition process. All papers are designed to bring out the skills and potential of the candidates, whatever they may have covered in the past. 


Candidates may be interviewed with their parent/guardian formally by the Principal, Head Teacher or their deputies following their audition.




All candidates should wear appropriate clothing for dance and loose, comfortable clothing for acting and singing. Please do not wear jewellery and tie back long hair.


Copies of all acting pieces should be given to the audition panel. All music for dance must be available on an iPod or equivalent. A backing track is required for the singing element.


It is advisable to bring a bottle of water.

Offers of places and scholarships (only applicable to the scholarship audition) are based upon performance in the audition process. Audition results will not be made or discussed on the day of the audition. Offers are usually within a month of the audition with acceptances required within two weeks. Pupils joining the school will receive detailed information following acceptance. 

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Recorded DVD or video auditions may be accepted for pupils who live overseas or those who live more than 5 hours away.


For more information about video auditions please contact.






Italia Conti Kit, 221 Epsom Road, Merrow, Guildford, Surrey, GU1 2RE


01483 568070





£4.00 postage and packaging. You should recieve you item within 3-5 days of ordering.


Any refunds and returns should be submitted by contacting shop@italia-conti.com.


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