Face life's adventure without fear, till safely home where the rainbow ends.

Italia Conti, 1911


Upon acceptance to the college students must agree to the following rules and regulations:


* Fees must be paid in advance and are non-refundable. Interest will be charged on overdue accounts and the directors may refuse to permit a student to attend classes if fees are outstanding.


* If a students is already enrolled on a course and intends to proceed to a further course, written notice must be given, not less than one term before the end of the present course.


* Notice in writing of the proposed withdrawal of a student prior to his/her course completion must be received at least one full term in advance. Failure to give the required notice will entail payment of the full fees due.


* Any student unable to attend class must notify the office and produce a medical certificate if absent for more than three days. Any students whose absence exceeds 20% without a medical certificate may be asked to leave the course and the following terms fees will be liable.


* The directors cannot accept responsibility for money or articles lost on the premises.


* The directors reserve the right to ask a student to leave the course for any of the following reasons:

  • If a student is not responding to training

  • For misbehaviour or wilful damage

  • For poor attendance (absent for more than 20% of the course)

  • For any breach of the rules, including attending casting sessions or taking part in professional work without being given prior permission


If any student is asked to leave the course, the student is not entitled to claim the return of any fees, or any part thereof, already paid.


* Should it be necessary to close the school on account of a epidemic, national crisis, severe weather conditions or any other circumstances over which the directors have no control, fees cannot be returned nor compensation made for any period of training lost.




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